The primary concerns of my art practices are to examine the patterns, structures and cycles that form both the objectivity of the natural world and the subjective realities we construct in our minds. My paintings are visual contributions to contemporary conversations in the fields of psychology, mythology, cosmology, physics, artificial intelligence, as well as the often bizarre and paradoxical discussions surrounding the holographic principle, simulation theory and the debate between determinism and free will, as exemplified by the work of philosophers like Nick Bostrom, David Chalmers, as well as cosmologist Max Tegmark and physicists Brian Greene and Lawrence M. Krauss.

My exploration of these concepts begins with an idiosyncratic synthesis of calligraphic writing, automatic drawing and collage, which combine to create the initial compositional frameworks for my finished works.  The commonality between these seemingly disparate modes of production is the high degree in which chance is involved in generating the imagery.  The most exciting aspect of the creative process for me is chasing the intangible and elusive ideas that cannot be consciously articulated, yet can be stumbled upon though an active engagement with materials and imagery that allow unanticipated forms and narrative suggestions to arise.

Incorporating materials like patterned fabric, as opposed to painting on traditional white canvas, provides foundational grids upon which I can build compositions or elaborate upon the forms that the patterns suggest.  My paintings, like Tarpon (2017), or Snare Rebound (2016) are examples of this approach to developing images.  Menhir Grove (2015) was composed on a dot grid by linking points with vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines to create a pixelated, mosaic like figurative composition that eludes to my conceptual exploration of simulation theory and the possibility that the world is more informational and computational than it appears.

I am interested in the phenomenon called pareidolia, the tendency of the human mind to construct narratives out of chaos and perceive patterns where none exists.  This psychological curiosity has a formal parallel in the automatic image-generating technique called decalcomania, the precursors of which were developed during the Renaissance by artists and thinkers like Leonardo Da Vinci and later elaborated and employed by such early Surrealist artists of the 1930s as Max Ernst and Yves Tanguy to achieve randomized complex naturally patterned structural formations resulting from oil paint being pressed between canvas and materials such as glass, plastic wrap or crumbled paper.  This method of image-making balances chance with the degree to which the artist is able to harness and control the materials.  My work utilizes this method and other similar automatic image-making techniques to access complex groupings of visual informational that can be selected and emphasized or discarded and reformed as intentional marks or intuitive gestural calligraphic brushstrokes.  Paintings, like Connection Map (2016), demonstrate the relationship and integration between pattern, calligraphy, automatic drawing and my own personal idiosyncratic gestural propensities.   

Some of my artworks begin in a chaotic state and move towards order while others begin with order and move towards chaos.  It is the constant tension between these dichotomies that creates the blurring between abstraction and representationally figurative imagery in my artwork.



BFA           University of California, Santa Cruz.  2010


2017         "Central California Arts Showcase"  Carnegie Art Center. Turlock, CA and Mistlin Gallery, Modesto CA.

2016         "Arches Pillars Patterns and Portals" Solo Exhibition.  Modesto Junior College Art Gallery, Modesto CA.

2014         "Central California Arts Showcase"  Carnegie Art Center. Turlock, CA and Mistlin Gallery, Modesto CA.

2014         "60's Retrospective" Group Show. Mistlin Gallery. Modesto, CA.

2013         Solo Exhibition of Selected Works. Praxis Gallery. San Francisco, CA.

2013        "Pancakes and Booze Art Show" 4n5 Gallery. San Francisco, CA.

2012         "Wood Whomp Music Festival" Outdoor Art Gallery. Murphys, CA.

2010          Exhibit of Selected Works. The Coastal Connection. Hermosa Beach, CA.